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Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission at Seattle Academy is to prepare students for college and life. Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences is an independent secondary school with a mission to prepare our students to participate effectively in modern society. We, therefore, seek a diversified student body and faculty. We offer a demanding college-preparatory curriculum integrating the arts and emphasizing a global perspective. We utilize the resources of our urban environment to extend our classrooms, to enhance our programs, and to engage our students in public service. Most of all, we seek to graduate motivated young men and women of talent and integrity who are prepared to contribute productively to a changing world.


W2 Mission OV2 Rv2Our Philosophy aims to do four primary things. Conduct learning in a Culture of Performance; Educate our students with a timeless and contemporary curriculum; Build strong and trusting relationships; and Facilitate character development.

In a Culture of Performance, students are challenged to take risks in front of a variety of audiences, combining disparate skills in moments of action in order to learn and communicate complex ideas. This method of teaching and learning fosters independence and integrity, the ability to collaborate and take risks, and the capacity to cope with change and ambiguity. With a timeless and contemporary curriculum, students develop a foundation for the future through traditional areas of study, and those subjects are invigorated by an innovative curriculum. Fostering strong, trusting relationships allows the faculty and staff to get to know each student, which produces a learning environment in which students can feel comfortable stretching their imaginations and learning from their setbacks and in which teachers can respond appropriately to each student’s needs. To help our students build character Seattle Academy’s policies, goal-setting, and everyday decision-making are designed to encourage and allow students to grow “from the inside out.”

About Us | Our Mission
Culture of Performance

Seattle Academy promotes a Culture of Performance for all students in which performance is central to teaching, learning, and assessment in all departments and on all grade levels. Performance is expected of all and respected by all. It is the engine that drives the school and a source of energy that prompts further commitment to excellence.

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The Culture of Performance is a vehicle that, by its very nature, challenges students and faculty to be vulnerable in publicly demonstrating their skills and their conceptual knowledge in different domains and disciplines. Students are challenged to not only find the right answers; they are challenged to find new answers. It is this challenge—to find new answers in one’s own way and express those answers in one’s own way (and in collaboration with others)—that, when aligned with a shared mission, values, and operating principles, results in an environment that allows students to feel safe trying new things, expressing different opinions, and appreciating the value of the differences that their peers contribute. Learning that diversity of all kinds makes us richer and that every person has his or her own unique story and perspective is central to the learning environment we work to foster.


About Us | Our Mission
Guiding Principles

The school teaches and the community aspires to exemplify Seattle Academy’s four Core Values of trust, respect, responsibility, and integrity. By maintaining these values, we aim to achieve our goals:

    • To promote a Culture of Performance for all students in which performance is central to teaching, learning, and assessment in all departments and on all grade levels, for we believe that this aspect is the engine that drives the school and a source of energy that prompts further commitment to excellence.
    • To provide a demanding and innovative college preparatory curriculum that encompasses a full range of academic subjects as well as artistic, athletic, and community service endeavors.
    • To foster a dynamic community through active involvement by students, parents, faculty, administration, and board members in order to shape the school and to promote its success. The school seeks to serve a diverse student body with a diverse faculty and staff.
    • To give students opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, to foster both personal growth (by developing inner resources and greater self-awareness) and a global perspective (by developing awareness of the connections linking people to each other and to their environments).
    • To use our campus’ urban environment to enrich the curriculum, to develop students’ independence, and to build their understanding and respect for the diversity of people and cultures.

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About Us | Our Mission
Commitment to Diversity

W7 Diversity


W7 Diversity2 Rv2Seattle Academy welcomes and binds together a diverse independent school community, as we believe that a diverse school community is essential to education. Further, we believe that such a community includes and embraces a spectrum of differences in learning style, race, color, creed, ethnic and national origin, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, and life experience. We therefore foster and encourage respect for human differences, growth of the individual, and diversity within the school population.

To effectively support students in navigating adolescence and identity, and to prepare our students to contribute to and to live and work successfully in the 21st Century, we support diversity within our student and parent populations, teaching and administrative staffs, and Board of Trustees, and we are guided by our core values in creating community within that diversity.