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Seattle Academy’s urban campus on Seattle’s Capitol Hill is composed of six buildings within a three-block radius. Whether traveling by foot or by bus, Seattle Academy Students are safely introduced to the dynamic urban world in which they will build their futures. Upper School students move between the buildings during the school day, particularly to the Vanderbilt for their humanities, the STREAM Building for their science classes, the Arts Center for their music, theater, dance, or art classes, and the Gym for PE and athletics. Middle School students have all their academic classes in the Temple Building; their Physical Education is in the Gym and their arts classes are in the Arts Center.

Our central location provides Seattle Academy and its students with numerous urban resources. Local libraries, art museums, theaters, gyms, and fields are an integral part of school life. Seattle Academy has also fostered over 80 partnerships in the Seattle metropolitan area. Such partnerships include arts organizations, technology companies, service agencies, university labs and departments, businesses large and small, entrepreneurs, and a long list of Senior Project mentors. During their time at Seattle Academy, students have the opportunity to draw on these rich human and organizational resources around them as part of their coursework or their service learning.

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About Us | Campus Tour & Directions

Middle School (1432 15th Avenue), 206-676-6880
The main entrance is located on the corner of 15th and E. Pike. Visitor parking lot available on 16th Avenue between E. Union and E. Pike.

Upper School (1201 E Union), 206-323-6600
The main entrance is located on the corner of 12th and E. Union. Visitor parking lot available on the corner of 13th and E. Union.

Arts Center (1100 12th Avenue), 206-676-6859
The main entrance is located on the corner of 12th and E. Spring. Visitor parking lot available on the corner of 13th and E. Union.

Gymnasium (1111 13th Avenue), 206-676-6885
The main entrance is located on the corner of 13th and E. Spring. Visitor parking lot available on the corner of 13th and E. Union.

STREAM Building and Admissions Office (1220 E Spring), 206-720-2676
The main entrance is located on E. Spring, between 12th and 13th Avenues. Visitor parking lot available on the corner of 13th and E. Union.



About Us | Campus Tour & Directions
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The Temple Building, located at 15th and Pike, houses Seattle Academy’s Middle School classes while simultaneously providing classrooms in which Upper School students can take their foreign language classes.
Contact:  Rae Robertson, Middle School Administrative Assistant, rrobertson@seattleacademy.org.
Contact: Linda Spangler, Middle School Administrative Assistant, lspangler@seattleacademy.org.

UPPER SCHOOL (Vanderbilt Building) PHOTO
Seattle Academy’s flagship facility is the Vanderbilt Building, which was opened in the fall of 1998 and is located at the corner of 12th and E. Union. Only Upper School classes meet in the Vanderbilt. The science laboratories, the library, the College Advising office, as well as many of the administrative offices are located here.
Contact:  Jodi Rae, Upper School Administrative Assistant, jrae@seattleacademy.org.
Contact: Marie So, Upper School Administrative Assistant, mso@seattleacademy.org.

Built on the corner of 12th Avenue and East Spring Street, the Arts Center opened in 2001. The 250-seat Orvis Theater is located here, complete with a Green Room, dressing rooms, scene shop, and costume design studio. Also located in the Arts Center are visual arts studios, a dark room, a video production studio, a black box theatre, vocal classrooms and practice rooms, and math classrooms.
Contact:  Nicole Hughes, Arts Assistant, nhughes@seattleacademy.org.

Seattle Academy’s physical education classes, dance classes, and athletics programs take place in our award-winning gym located on 13th Street between E Union and E Spring. A regulation sized basketball court is served by boys’ and girls’ locker rooms and offices for PE and coaching staff. The spacious mezzanine overlooks the court and provides access to the weight room and dance studio.
Contact:  Cathy Schick, Athletic Director, cschick@seattleacademy.org.

The STREAM Building houses six science labs, two student learning commons, and a robotics lab. These rooms are spacious and equipped with all of the necessary technological equipment, supporting the hands-on aspect of these curricula. It is located on the corner of E Spring and 13th Avenues. The building connects to the gymnasium and the Arts Center. The STREAM Building also houses our Admissions Office.
Contact:  Dawn Fornear, Admission Associate, dfornear@seattleacademy.org.