The Program | Outdoor/Foreign Travel

The mission of the Seattle Academy Outdoor/ Foreign Travel Program is to promote trips that can lead to significant growth for the individual, growth that often comes when one is challenged to be in an environment where one cannot rely on existing coping mechanisms. The program seeks to provide opportunities for students to deepen relationships with other members of the community and develop a responsible understanding about the cultures and the lands through which they travel.W45 Outdoor OV2 Rv2

W44 Travel OVThe Outdoor/Foreign Travel Program teaches students essential skills that enable them to function in the natural, foreign, or service-related environments. We do not regard these skills as ends unto themselves, however. We provide students with experiences that physically and emotionally challenge them because we believe these intense moments lead to personal transformation. Students take risks, confront challenges, and perform under difficult conditions; they learn to balance self-reliance and cooperation, leadership and teamwork, self-reflection and action, choice and consequences.

The Program | Outdoor/Foreign Travel
Outdoor Trips

Students learn environmental stewardship and develop an appreciation for new cultures and landscapes through the Seattle Academy outdoor program. We teach outdoor skills so students can enjoy spending a few weeks in the natural environment. We also show students how to take physical and emotional challenges in the wilderness and transform them into opportunities for personal growth.

Students learn to balance self-reliance and cooperation, leadership and teamwork, self-reflection and action, and choice and consequences. Personal relationships form the basis of Seattle Academy’s community, and the experience of sharing, working together to solve problems, and accomplishing group goals helps build these relationships. These experiences naturally carry back into school and enrich Seattle Academy’s larger community.

W45 OutTrips Rv2Past Trips Have Included: Alaska, Southwest United States, Glacier National Park, Himalayas, Mt. Saint Helen, North Cascades, Olympic National Park, Wyoming

The Program | Outdoor/Foreign Travel
Global Experiences

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As part of Seattle Academy’s mission to prepare students for college and life, the school each year offers an array of off-campus experiences. The goals of each individual trip may vary, but overall purpose of these excursions is the same: we seek to offer opportunities for students to develop a sense of independence, to exercise responsibility, and to discover aspects of their own personal identities. Many of the trips expose students to different cultures and perspectives. When students find themselves in situations and environments that are completely new, they draw on inner resources. The results often include increased self-confidence, resilience, personal responsibility, growing independence, and a broader sense of the global community.

The individuals who design and lead these trips are highly experienced faculty and staff members who are knowledgeable in the type of activity (e.g. wilderness hiking, international travel, or service learning), in the environment where the activity takes place (e.g. arctic wilderness, New York City, or Zambia), and in the needs of kids. Since most of the trip leaders are also Seattle Academy teachers, the entire school community is wonderfully enriched by the bonds of respect and trust that are developed between the leaders and the students, by the increased self-awareness, sense of personal responsibility, and self-confidence that students bring home from the trips

Past trips have included: China, Costa Rico, France, Greece, Italy, India, Turkey, Vietnam

The Program | Outdoor/Foreign Travel
Service Trips

Community Service is an important part of Seattle Academy curriculum. In addition to the service opportunities available to students in our community, we offer several trips each year which include a significant service component such as teaching technology skills to children in Africa, providing relief services to disaster areas, and building homes for those who cannot afford them. These trips help further our goal of instilling our students with a lifetime commitment to helping others.

Past Trips have included: Costa Rica, New Orleans, New Mexico, Vietnam, ZambiaW47a Serv Trip Rv1

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