Our Community | Parents and Volunteers

We are a close community of students, families, educators, and staff enthusiastically joined in a common endeavor.  Seattle Academy families find warm friendships and camaraderie here, along with respect for varied cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Parents are active participants at Seattle Academy.  They contribute in every aspect of the program as team parents in athletics, stage managers for productions, parent education and enrichment coordinators for evening presentations, and guests in various academic classes.  We also have an active Parent Association that supports activities to enhance school and community spirit.  However they contribute, parents are an indispensable part of the Seattle Academy mosaic.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Seattle Academy, please contact Paula Prewett, Director of Institutional Advancement/Parent Liaison, at pprewett@seattleacademy.org.

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Our Community | Parents and Volunteers
Parent Association

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Seattle Academy has a strong, active Parent Association led by dedicated volunteers who work closely with the school administration.  The association serves several key needs at the school including supporting activities that enhance school and community spirit, providing parent enrichment and education programs, and assisting with activities that support students, families, and faculty.

They are led by an Executive Committee whose president sits on the school’s Board of Trustees.  Each class has a set of parent representatives that plan events specific to the needs of their grade level.  In addition, there are several committee chairs who oversee such important activities as Welcoming Committee, the all-school picnic, and faculty appreciation events.  The Parent Association is a valued and active partner to the school’s administration and is a critical component of our community.