Our Community | Board of Trustees

Seattle Academy, like most independent schools, is legally organized as a non-profit corporation.  As such, the school is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees, elected annually at its May meeting.  The Board currently has 23 members, a mix of current and alumni parents, and meets six times a year in addition to an annual retreat.  The presidents of the Parent Association and the Alumni Association sit on the Board, as does the Head of School.

The Board holds the school “in trust,” acting in the best interest of the institution at all times and avoiding conflicts of interest.  The Board’s three primary responsibilities are: 1) appointing and supporting the Head of School, who manages the school’s operations; 2) establishing the school’s mission and major educational policies; and 3) assuring the financial welfare of the school and overseeing its business and budgets.

At Seattle Academy, most Board work is done at the community level, and all trustees serve on one or more board committees with non-board members.  These committees are Capital Campaign, Development, Facilities, Finance/Audit/Investment, Innovations, and Committee on Trustees.

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Our Community | Board of Trustees
Current Trustees

W67 Donna Rv2

Donna Bellew
Board of Trustees President


Donna Bellew | President
Tom Barton | Vice President
Mary Pembroke Perlin | Secretary
Mark Callaghan | Treasurer


Matt Culberson |
Ronnie Cunningham | Development Committee
Leslie Hanauer | Capital Campaign Committee Chair, Executive Committee
Peter Heymann | Innovations Committee
Lynn Hubbard |
Jim Hughes |
Marian Joh |
Brian Langstraat |
Ryan McDevitt ’03 | Alumni Board President
Tiesa McElroy ’09 |
Mike Myint |
Brian Oseran ’96 | Facilities Committee Chair
Sharon Perlin | Parent Association President
Rob Phillips | Associate Head of School
Joe Puggelli | Head of School
Bard Richmond | Innovations Committee
Kayley Runstad | Capital Campaign Committee
Matthew Sweeney | Capital Campaign Committee


Mary Dunnam (Patrick ’99 and Tom ’02)
Mary Ellen Hudgins (Jonah Sterling ’90 and Alex Bush ’02)
Ron Hosogi (Renee ’07 and Michelle ’10)
Lex Lindsey (Elisabeth ’99)
Tom Markl (Matt ’97, Christina ’00, and Peter ’04)
Jean Orvis (Lauren ’05)
Bill Oseran (David ’94 and Brian ’96)
Craig Tall (Lyssa ’87 and Kristina ’89)
Maggie Walker (Kina ’96)
Martha M. Wyckoff (Jacob Byrne ’03, Conor Byrne ’05, and Paul Byrne ’07)