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Perhaps the most compelling record of success we can offer is our roster of alumni. Our students go on to some of the country’s most prestigious colleges, universities, conservatories, and art schools. They find careers in education, the arts, medicine, business, law, and many other fields. Among our more recent graduates are professors of music and English, a physicist, software engineers, and obstetrician, a management consultant, graphic designers, and a veterinarian.

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Seattle Academy is a college prep school. Looking only at classes since 2006 for the data presented here, 100% of our graduates matriculate to four-year colleges and universities:

  • 45% entered math, engineering, or technical fields.
  • 30% entered humanities or social science course.
  • 13% enrolled in fine arts or conservatory programs.
  • 12% entered business-related programs.

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Our Community| Alumni
Alumni Board

W65 Alum Board

The Seattle Academy Alumni Association consists of graduates and former students of the school. Representing the association is the Alumni Board, whose role is to maintain connections between the school and its alumni and to encourage ongoing alumni participation in the school’s culture. The Alumni Board meets monthly and plans regular events throughout the school year.

2017-18 Alumni Board

Ryan McDevitt ’03, Board President
Bailey Zahniser ’08, Vice President
Achijah Berry ’10
Jake Byrne ’03
Jessen Carley ’04
Barrett Dickey ’09
Rachel Leavitt-Baron ’08
Emma Libby ’02 (remote member)
Blaire Piha ’07 (remote member)
Madelaine Reddington ’07
Kirk Stensvig ’90
Daniel Stewart ’11
Aaron Strauss ’03
Nate Tepp ’03
Kina Walker ’06, Ex Officio
Bre Weider ’09

For more information about events, please check out SAAS Grad’s Facebook profile or email alumni@seattleacademy.org.